Monday, September 7, 2015

PAAC 2015 fall studio internship

Exciting news. I have been selected for the 2015 Fall Studio Internship at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center (PAAC). Pyramid Atlantic is a non-profit contemporary art center with printmaking, paper making and book arts studios. PAAC offers an internship program every semester. The program gives interns the opportunity to understand the operations of a non-profit art center and gain studio experience. Interns assist teachers and artists in the printmaking, paper making and book art studios, and help out with everyday activities like studio upkeep, exhibitions, events, workshops etc. Interns also work on their own projects. I'm really excited to be the Fall Intern this year. I look forward to working at PAAC with teachers and artists, getting back to printmaking and learning new art forms.

The first couple of weeks is an orientation to the processes and equipment in each of the studios. I am now learning the basics of paper making under the guidance of Gretchen Schermerhorn, the Artistic Director at PAAC. Fascinating stuff.

PAAC is located in downtown Silver Spring. The art center offers many workshops taught by experienced teachers. The beautiful PAAC building (a lovely red) has two levels. The lower level of the building has the print room, paper making studio, bindery, letterpress studio, dark room, screen printing studio, the office area and artist studios. Upstairs is the 2nd floor gallery and a few more artist studios. The art center is home to many artists and this brings me to the best part about this internship - the opportunity to meet other artists, see the work they are doing and learn from them.

Watch this space for weekly updates about my adventures at PAAC. Until then, have a creative week!

paac building in downtown silver spring

the print room - ready for the day

 the bindery

letterpress studio

stairs to the 2nd floor gallery

fabric for paper making

sketches and ideas for printmaking


  1. The red and black atmosphere of this place is striking and energetic. The glimpse of your work in the last picture intrigues me.

    1. Yup. And there is a lot of art all around in the building, and artists busy at work. It's a great setting for work and inspiration.