Saturday, September 5, 2015

potter files: a summer of ceramics (part I)

I got back to ceramics this summer after three months in India. (That's two summers for me this year.) Returning to the potter's wheel after a gap is like riding a bike - you don't forget. You are wobbly at first but you get into the groove pretty quick.

I glazed my pots a bit differently this time. In addition to the dipping or dunking method I also brushed on the glaze for a more painterly effect. Another technique I used involved adding a layer of wax resist on the first layer of glaze and then scraping off the wax roughly before adding the second layer of glaze. The result is what I call the broken wall effect. I like the gritty effect of this technique.
Below are some of the tea cups, mugs, wine glasses, pitchers and bowls I made. Thanks to getsane for the beautiful photographs.

The second part of the summer output will be up soon. Also look out for a series of posts about an internship program I have been selected for. More about that tomorrow. Until then enjoy!


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