Wednesday, November 22, 2017

a new beginning seven years later

According to the archives a work in progress turned seven this month. I started this blog "with much reluctance", as my first post succinctly says. Seven years later I am glad I started blogging despite the reluctance born out of fear.

My work has changed dramatically over these years. I can see myself looking for direction in the first couple of years on the blog, a continuation from the years before I started blogging. Slowly the direction came. I found a teacher and mentor in Josh Goldberg and my work took the path I have been on since. It's been an exciting time. I feel true to what I do and I look forward to delving deeper into my practice. Blogging has complemented my studio work and provided a wonderful platform for a number of reasons. It gave me a dedicated space to document my work over time, the space to use writing as a tool, and share all that I do with the world. And ironically, blogging helped me overcome my reluctance to blog - to be out there.

The seventh anniversary is a good time to make a change I've been meaning to make for some time now. For seven years, I called this blog 'a work in progress'. While I hope to always remain a work in progress, the time has come to say a little more. Starting this month the blog will be called 'through the moving door'. The title comes from a monotype I created last year. Without completely deconstructing the title and all the associated layers of meaning, the moving door signifies the frame through which I look at the world and understand my work.

And so I make another beginning.

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