Wednesday, July 15, 2015

the studio - an easel, a table and six walls

Since I got back from India (an amazing three month trip!), I've been cleaning the studio and moving things around, trying to make the best of the space.

My studio is a small but lovely odd shaped room with six walls. It's a pretty minimalist studio - easel, table, trolley and lots of canvases and paper up on the walls. A few days ago I moved my table into the nook by the window. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. The new position is perfect. Take a look at some of the photographs I clicked of the clean studio yesterday. (It'll get messy soon enough.)

The two angled walls make a nice nook for the easel and trolley.
the window
The other side of the studio with works in progress on the wall (part I)

The other side of the studio with works in progress on the wall (part II)


  1. I am always curious about the spaces in which artists create. It is good to see where you produce your work and glimpses of it. I especially like the works that I can see in the fifth picture. Three months in a different culture surely must have given you more ideas and sources to draw from.

    1. Priya, glad you enjoyed this long overdue post. I love reading about artist work spaces too.
      The trip to India was fantastic - I spent time with family and friends, travelled a bit, worked a lot, met some awesome people and also participated in an exhibition. So yes I am full to ideas for the way ahead.

  2. You seem to get perfect natural light from the window.