Wednesday, September 24, 2014

potter files: the results are in (part 1)

Yes, the results are in. Or rather, they're out ... of the kiln. The pots and bowls have turned out really beautiful. Each one is full of surprises - the colour gradation and freckles on the mustard coloured vase; the lovely gash on the red one; the blue ring on the base of the bowl with the leaf; the marks on the lidded jar; the way the the lid and the base of the same jar coloured differently. But then happy accidents are very much a part of ceramics. Many variables come together to give you a final output. The glaze moves when it is fired, so it will interact with the contour of the bisqueware and the application of wax and additional layers of glaze. The placement of your piece in the kiln, the size of the piece sitting next to yours, the exposure to heat etc. also influence how your vase will turn out. You have to be prepared to be surprised. (ha ha..)

By the end of class I made quite a few things, so I am dividing this post into two parts. The second post with the rest of the ceramic pieces will be up soon.

Did I mention that I'm taking this class with Donna Lansman at Columbia Art Center again? This time we are starting with tea pots. This means we'll turn cylinders into the body of the pot, and we will learn to make the lid, the handle and of course the spout. Exciting stuff.

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