Saturday, January 19, 2013

exhibition - the drawing studio gala 2013

2013 is off to a wonderful start. I'm exhibiting my work at The Drawing Studio, as part of their annual fundraiser gala titled 'The Paper Ball'. The theme of the exhibition is works on or of paper, and is a collection of 200 artworks each donated by artists mostly from the Tucson area. By selling 200 tickets to the event, The Drawing Studio will raise funds that will go towards its educational programs for the youth and the elderly and also adult scholarships.

Each ticket holder will receive a number and during the course of the evening, numbers will be drawn  randomly. When one's number is called, the ticket holder can choose one of the artworks exhibited for themselves. So each ticket holder will leave with an artwork at the end of the evening. Great concept, isn't it?

And I am one of the artists contributing to the gala. I have two paintings in the show - one is an ink painting on watercolour paper, and the second is a watersoluble graphite 'painting' on watercolour paper. For both paintings I have used molding paste on the paper to create a layer of textures and peaks.

My paintings and the rest of the exhibition is on display now and the gala event is on Friday 25th January. The event will include a silent auction of artworks by renowned Tucson artists that will also raise funds for The Drawing Studio's educational programs.

If you are interested in attending the event at The Drawing Studio, you will find information here on their website.

'in the moonlight', ink on watercolour paper, 15x21" ©2012 priya vadhyar
'on a grey note', water-soluble graphite on watercolour paper, 16x20" ©2012 priya vadhyar 


  1. I like this work.
    I am sorry that I cannot observe the texture of the work with this image.
    But maybe the texture of this work will be attractive.
    I am a Japanese painter.
    I paint a realism painting.
    I paint an oil painting mainly.
    If you are interested
    Please visit my blog.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Peintre! Thanks for visiting my blog! Thank you for appreciating the work. The texture on the paintings is not as clear in the photograph, but yes it is quite textured.
    I visited your blog and your website. Such beautiful work. I love the luminosity of your colours. Very beautiful!