Monday, December 31, 2018

the year that was 2018

Early this year, while an icy rain fell from the sky and bare trees stood dreaming of spring, we rushed to the hospital. It was time. Many hours later, a loud cry of protest and a collective intake of breath marked Sid's arrival into our lives. The days and weeks that followed are a blur in my mind. And now, almost a year later those early days seem so far away.  Nothing could have prepared us for the year that was 2018. Thinking back on this wonderful year has me at a loss for words. It will take me some time to articulate, even to myself, what a gift this year has been. Instead I will remember fondly the wise and warm words of friends and family, and the gifts of socks and blankets that came to our door. I will keep that love close to me as the year ends and a new one begins. 
May 2019 bring you much joy.