Thursday, February 19, 2015

potter files: it's time for tea

My work in the ceramics studio continues. Today I'd like to show you work from the class I took in the fall. The highlight of the session was a ceramic Project Runway. Each class took up a project - some worked on pitchers, others on goblets. My class took up teapots.

For a beginners' class we're pretty gutsy because teapots are complicated even though they look harmless. You start with main body of the teapot. Then you make the spout, which is an ultra thin cylinder with a wide base. To attach the spout, you remove its base, poke holes into the body of the pot and then join the two in way that the mouth of the spout is higher than the pot. Next, you make the handle and attach it. Finally you make the lid, which is a pretty daunting task too. Post bisque, glaze, kiln and prayers, your teapot is ready. I must mention that the teapot I made works.

In addition to the teapot project, I made largish jars with lids and some not so large ones too. Also I made some open bowl/ jar/ pot things. I tried to improve my centering, something I will continue working on. I also worked on bringing up the clay to create a cylinder. I'm getting better, bit by bit. Sometimes you forget something basic and start all over. That's just how it is. But the hurting back and the frustration over the pot that collapsed on you are temporary. One by one out come forms, even if not perfect, and the joy you feel is like the blue sky after seven days of rain.
On this happy note I give you the class of fall 2014! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015