Monday, April 16, 2012

a fine arts festival, wild cats and my work

I was part of a fine arts festival this weekend. The University of Arizona Wild Cat Center had a stall with wild life photographs for sale and I joined them to raise funds for conservation efforts with the display of my work. I had two new pieces (photographs below) and some of my ink paintings on display.

After a rainy and windy beginning on Saturday, Sunday was a nice sunny day for a fair. Although the turnout was low, I met some really nice people at the fair - artists, organisers, participants, visitors. The show ended today, but we plan to put up the art and photographs in a gallery space soon. More updates on that later.

 chalk on paper, 18x24",  © 2012 priya vadhyar 

charcoal on paper, 18x24",  © 2012 priya vadhyar 

my work at the fair
visitors viewing my work

yours truly